Sunday, September 29, 2013

Karen Walker brings the Candy Bar to WA‏

Internationally acclaimed designer, Karen Walker, whom I am sure needs no introduction, has
brought its Candy Bar concept to WA. For the past year Candy Bar has travelled the globe, giving
fashionistas the opportunity to purchase the complete Karen Walker collection along with 11 limited
edition candy frames. It has popped up in NY, Tokyo, Shanghai and London, and is now in Perth,
just in time for spring. With shades ranging from turquoise to bubblegum pink, you are bound to find one which reminds you of your favourite candy.
 photo untitled_zps38665c2c.png  photo kww_zps0c276bf6.png  photo ka_zpsd673a1e5.png  photo kw_zpsa5e1bfa2.png  photo kwww_zps23c4d282.png  
The Candy Bar will be at Atlas Divine until Monday October 7th. Pop by to pick up some
bright sunnies for the sunny weather ahead! The only disappointment you'll face is not being able to
 eat those candy-coloured shades despite how yummy and edible they look.

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